Steps for serviceWe will explain the steps from request to start-up.


From request to start-up

Step.1First, please contact us.

Please tell us the desired travel date, the number of people, destination, and any requests when you contact us.
If you submit the estimate request form from our website, we can provide you with the tour costs.
When you would like to request itinerary arrangement, please contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail for details.
When you have already made your itinerary, please contact us by the estimate request form of our website, or fax.

Step.2We offer the best travel course as the customer's request.

Please don't hesitate to ask any changes or requests for the travel schedule that we have arranged.
(Please let us know up to 7 days before the trip schedule will be fixed, if you have any requests or changes.)

Step.3Your reservation will be confirmed if you are fully satisfied with the trip course.

Please pay for a trip to the designated account, which is written in the e-mail for confirmation or fax prior to 1 week of the departure date after your reservation has been confirmed.
Please pay for a trip to the designated account up to the date that we designated if you made a reservation within one week of the departure date.

Step.4We will pick you up at the appointed place with chartered bus.

We confirm the appointed time, the place, travel itinerary, etc. and will pick you up at the appointed place with the chartered bus.

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