Company Outlines


Company Outlines

Business name TRANCE OCEAN BUS Co., Ltd.
Address 422, Uemuranishi, Izumida, Shinjo-shi, Yamagata
TEL 0233-25-2264
FAX 0233-25-2267
Representative Toshihide Sato
Founded May, 1996
Capital 30,000,000yen
Registration Niigata Transport Bureau, No.165
Items of business General reserve passenger bus transportation
Main client company JR East, Nokyo Tourist Corporation, each local government, each elementary and junior high school, ANA sales and tours, JTB, HIS, KNT
Financing banks Shonai Bank, Shinjo branch office
Yamagata Bank, Shinjo branch office
Group company Ocean Rent a Car Co., Ltd. TEL:0233-22-0672
Trans Ocean Tourist Ltd. TEL:0233-23-7007
Chartered (sightseeing) bus

To operate blue license number bus, we must get permission of director of the Regional Transport Bureau in accordance with Road Transport Act.
In chartered bus business, we have responsibility for protecting customer’s lives, so We take measures to ensure customer's safety.
White license number bus is prohhibited by law to do the following actions;

  1. To provide a transportation service for a price.
  2. To provide a transportation to sightseeing spots, etc., even at no charge.
  3. To rent a bus with bus driver.
  • To request car rental agent to a driver when getting a rent-a-car.
  • Ask someone other than the user to find driver when getting a rent-a-car.
  • To request other driver other than user group’s driver to rent and drive a car, and pay the rental fee and daily allowance for driving.
White license number bus is prohhibited by law to operate chartered bus.
Let's use Safey and comfortabule bus tour.

Service office

Narita-Airport service office

Office Name Narita-Airport service office
Address 782-1, Tenjinyama, Maebayashi, Narita-shi, Chiba
TEL 0476-37-8475
FAX 0476-37-8476

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