Estimate for chartered bus


Estimate for chartered bus form

Customer classificationmandatory
Name of company or group
Enter the name of company, school, group, etc.
Example: Trans Ocean Bus Co., Ltd.
(including name of building. )
422, Uemuranishi, Izumida, Shinjo-shi, yamagata
Telephone number
Ex. 0223-25-2264
Fax number
Ex. 0233-25-2267
E-mail addressmandatory
How to contact for reply of estimate mandatory

If you select “others”, please write how to contact you would like to.
Budget Yen
(Please write your budget.)
Expected datemandatory Year Month Day  ~ Month Day
Number of days you expectmandatory
Number of people you expectmandatory People will be expected.
(Approximate numbers is fine. )
Select type of bus mandatory Motorcoach
Middle-sized bus
Small-sized bus
Bus guidemandatory
Departure place and time of busmandatory Departure place
Departure time
(24 hours form or please clarity whether it is a.m. or p.m.)
Main destination and desired accommodationmandatory
Please write your destination, accommodation, and desired condition, etc. as specifically as possible.
Termination place and time of busmandatory Termination place
Termination time
(24 hours form or please clarity whether it is a.m. or p.m.)
Hotel brochures
Any other requests

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