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Main service of Trans Ocean Bus

a course

Our staff who knows a lot about Tohoku will arrange your tourist route with confidence as your requests. Please feel free to contact us.

an accommodation.

Trans Ocean Tourist, our associated company, will introduce our recommended accommodation.
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Arrange food and drink
in the bus

We will ask the trip organizer the budget. As your budget, we load food and drink in the bus (we will arrange boxed lunch, drink, nibblies, snacks, etc.). Please contact us in advance. Please feel free to contact us.

Nursing care products such as wheelchairs are available so that disabilities and their families can use our chartered bus without any worries. Some services may provide for a price so please let us know about it in advance.


There are a lot of good things about chartered bus.

The best thing about chartered bus is that you can arrange your own original trip plans while you can keep your private space in the bus.
In the bus, you can have a drink, sing songs in karaoke, or enjoy a Bingo game, depending on the type of buses.
Please have a pleasant time in the bus to the destination. You can make good use of the time throughout the trip. One of the advantages of a chartered bus is its capability to “carry customers from the entrance of the departure point to the entrance of the destination”. You can also enjoy your trip with little reluctance of your heavy load. In the salon type bus, you can lie down and relax while you feel tired. It will be so comfortable.
The chartered bus will be comparatively cheaper than any other ways of transportation and it is budget friendly.


Sightseeing bus and chartered bus in such cases

For sightseeing tour

Let’s have a fun time with friends and family having a drink, singing karaoke, etc.! You don’t have to bother other people with making a lot of noise. You can enjoy cherry-blossom viewing in spring, sea bathing in summer, leaf peeping in autumn, and skiing in winter. Personal driver will direct you to your destination during all seasons.

For ceremonial occasions

It is common to be served drinks for guests at the banquet after wedding ceremony and funeral. It would be terrible if something would happen to the guests on their way home. Moreover, considering a lot of stuff of the guests, it is very convenient to use the chartered bus.
Please use our chartered bus for ceremonial occasions getting the relatives together.

For inspection tour or study tour

You can use our chartered bus for widely depending on the intended use, such as inspection tour for company, factory, etc., or study tour. There is a space for meeting in the bus, so you can have a meeting, or you can have your private time.
You don't need to transfer, and it will be easier for you to go about.

For transportation of training camp or group activities

For transportation of camp training camp, or group activities, you must have a lot of baggage and stuff. Nevertheless, you can keep relaxed and comfortable place in the bus, because the bus is equipped with a large trunk, which have enough space for a lot of baggage and stuff. You can relax and have a meeting in the bus on your way to the destination. There are some good points about chartered bus, and above all things, you can save transportation cost.

For transportation to and from golf course

We will arrange the chartered bus for round trip, from the appointed place to the golf course.
It's a very special feeling to have a drink after playing golf. However, you will not be able to enjoy drinking after golf to the fullest, if you drive yourself.
Moreover, you can really enjoy playing golf because you can sleep in the bus on the way to the golf course, while you may get tired if you drive yourself in such early morning.

For transportation to and from airport

Transportation will be available even in early morning or midnight depending on your flight departure time. It is common to carry large suitcases when you travel abroad. The bus is equipped with a large trunk and has enough space for a lot of baggage and stuff, so you can enjoy shopping without worrying about a lot of souvenir and stuff You will be surely enjoy talking and sharing pleasant stories about your trip with other members in the bus on your way home.

For inbound tour in Tohoku

Let us take care of the tour in Tohoku area.
Our experienced drivers will take foreign tourists who have just arrived in Japan, to some notable spots of Tohoku area.


Trans Ocean Tourist

Trans Ocean Tourist is our associated company dealing with tourists. We work and propose your travel plans cooperatively with Trans Ocean tourist so that customers can have a good trip.

Trans Ocean Tourist

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